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Over 100 AirAllés given in just two months!

We’ve been open for two months now, and business is booming! Over one hundred AirAllé treatments have been performed, and several hundred head checks as well. Head lice are out in full force in Knoxville! A few highlights are:

  • The family who showed me pictures of their pet fox.
  • The family on vacation who brought in everyone in the cabin. We had three generations of people in our office and helped nine people that Saturday.
  • Two different families evacuating from Irma who can go home lice free.
  •  The eight year old who said she wanted lice again because she loves the treatment so much.
  • Several families who had been struggling with lice for years and walked out free from lice.

It is truly an honor to be able to help so many people and their families. When people walk in, they’re in crisis. We can fix that. The relief on peoples’ faces when they realize the problem is over is worth so much to all of us who work here.

We look forward to meeting and treating your family! Come on in, let us make your day better.


Lice Clinics Knoxville is OPEN!

We are just so excited to be open and able to help!  Check out our new clinic!  The lobby is comfortable, we offer wi-fi and refreshments, and we have things for kids to do while they wait for treatment.  Treatments can feel like a long time to sit still for a child, so we have kid-friendly tablets, books, coloring, and fidget spinners to make the time pass quickly.  Before you know it, everybody is lice free!

If you are dealing with head lice, know that you don’t have to go it alone.  We are here to help.  One treatment, One time, One hour… and Done!

Child with shampoo suds in hair and on face

Kerosene for Head Lice?

As I’ve been getting ready to open, I’ve been striking up conversations all over town — about Lice!  More than just a couple of folks I’ve talked with lately have shared a family recipe including the use of kerosene as a major ingredient in a home lice remedy.  This is a very, very bad idea.

Please do not use kerosene on yourself or on your children!

  • Kerosene is extremely toxic to lung tissue.
  • Kerosene damages mucous membranes on contact.  Delicate eyes and mouths are located on precious heads — a drip of kerosene can cause lasting, permanent damage.
  • Kerosene can cause chemical burns on skin.  It causes “defatting” of the skin, and painful irritation.
  • A spark could cause a horrendous accident leading to severe burns or death.

Here is a link to a short and very informative article on kerosene poisoning: Kerosene Poisoning – NY Times Health Guide

There are better, more effective and safer ways to get rid of head lice.  Lice Clinics of America has non-toxic, effective solutions.  We can do a thorough head check to see if you need any treatment at all (because sometimes it isn’t lice).  We have solutions starting at $25 for a do it yourself, active-rinse home treatment, on up to $185 for our signature 3-step AirAlle’ treatment that takes care of it all, very safely, in a single 60-90 minute sitting — once and done!

We are close by in Knoxville.  We plan to open on July 15th.

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