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It’s that time of year again! Lice are prevalent in schools across America, and it seems like Tennessee has been hit pretty hard lately. We have a few quick ways to prevent lice from spreading within your classrooms and schools.

  1. Keep long hair up. Lice don’t jump or fly, they travel from loose hair to loose hair. Buns and braids are the best way to keep lice from making the switch to your head. Keeping all the flyaways down is very important!
  2. No head to head contact. Even a bun won’t save you if you put your head on someone else’s head.
  3. Peppermint spray. Tea tree oil does not prevent head lice. A good preventive spray uses essential oil from the mint family, of which peppermint is the best.
  4. Vacuum or lint roll yourself and your furniture. Both vacuuming and lint rolling will get lice off of soft surfaces. For plastic or vinyl, use a Clorox wipe.
  5. Hugs, unfortunately, are a good way to spread head lice. Side hugs, high fives, and fist bumps are good alternatives! Selfies are also responsible for the rise of head lice in middle, high school, and college students. Be sure to warn your students about the dangers or touching heads.
  6. Sharing is not all that caring. Even sharing things like jackets can spread head lice, because many people have hair long enough to touch the fabric. Hoodies that get pulled on over the head will also spread lice.

When in doubt, contact your lice clinic for a head check. At only $25, we can give you peace of mind within 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, call or email us today!

Warm weather is finally here! Schools will be out, the pools are open, summer camps are looking at registration, and your vacation is being planned. Head lice don’t take the summer off, and neither should you. Here are a few tips for staying lice free this summer!

  1. Continue head checking your children! Check before and after events, like camps, family reunions, or vacations. Our head checks are $25, and we comb through the entire head. If you come in for a product purchase to get a comb, we will do a comb out demo to make sure you know what you are looking for!
  2. Bring your own pillow to sleepovers! Make sure your children don’t share brushes, hoodies, or pillows. Lice only7 need 3 seconds to transfer heads, and anything that goes from head to head can bring a bug with it.
  3. Keep your hair up! Tight buns and braids are the best ways to stay lice free. Peppermint preventive spray to finish off a hairstyle will help keep lice away from your head as well.
  4. Selfies are dangerous! By all means, take those photos, but keep your heads from touching when you do it.
  5. If you go swimming, don’t share towels! They can grab the fabric and get delivered to a new head as you dry off.

Because lice can hold their breath for 19 hours, swimming pools are safe. The little bugs just take a deep breath and hold on tight, they’re not interested in swimming to a new head.

Have fun this summer, and do it lice free!

For All Treatment Services

  • A head check and dimethicone is not a lice treatment, it only tells if you have lice. If you have lice but did not get an AirAlle treatment, you have not been treated for lice. 
  • Dimethicone must be washed out with a clarifying shampoo or dish soap. It will often take more than one wash. If you miss any, that’s ok! It will not harm your hair or skin. 
  • If dimethicone gets on fabric, it can stain. Pretreat it with dish soap before washing. 
  • If someone finds live bugs less than 3 weeks after AirAlle treatment, it is a reinfestation. If someone who did not get checked or treated finds live bugs, they had lice before the rest of the family was treated. 

Who Needs to Know

  • Everybody! Some specific people to inform are the schools, your friends, your child’s friends, after school programs, day cares, sports teams, clubs, and child care. 
  • If you saw family or went on a vacation with anybody, let them know. 
  • If you had your hair done recently, let the hairdresser know. 
  • We can call businesses, sports teams, schools, and day cares. Give us the information and we will make sure they are informed, with your identity left out. 
  • Do not let your children play with or sleep over at any friend or family member’s house until they have confirmed they are lice free. You will get lice again. 

For Express Treatments

  • You will itch! When we dehydrate the nits, we dehydrate your scalp. A good conditioner will help. In addition, washing out the dimethicone can cause dryness and itching. 
  • We do not do any sort of comb out. This is your responsibility.
  • Nits do not ever fall off hair. They will remain on your head until you comb them out at home. 
  • The nits are dead, and you are lice free. 
  • There is no discounted recheck offered, but an appointment can be made for a comb-out at $95 an hour, charged in 15 minutes increments. 
  • We do not offer a guarantee on our Express treatment. 

For Signature Treatments

  • You will itch! When we dehydrate the nits, we dehydrate your scalp. A good conditioner will help. In addition, washing out the dimethicone can cause dryness and itching. 
  • There will be a small amount of nits left after a cosmetic comb out. They are dead and cannot hatch. For more information, go to:                      
  • Each person who received a Signature Treatment is entitled to one $15 recheck within 30 days of the original treatment. We recommend waiting at least ten days. It can be good for peace of mind, and we can usually get you in within 48 hours. 

Our Guarantee

  • Everybody in your household must be checked by us.
      • For split custody families, this means everyone in both houses.
  • Everyone found to have lice must have our Signature AirAlle treatment.
  • Everyone must leave with active rinse .
      • Active Rinse is included with a head check.
  • In the event a family member can’t make it that day, they must use active rinse that day and come in within 24 hours.
  • If you are found to have an active head lice infestation within 30 days of the original treatment, we will retreat you for free (including your recheck fee).
  • We regret that we cannot honor guarantees given on false information

“No one wants to deal with head lice, especially after a hectic and stressful holiday period,” said Jennifer Fribourg, owner of Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville. “Parents have enough on their plates with the travel, entertaining, shopping, and cleaning everything up after the New Year.”

“Unfortunately, the holidays can be a peak time for head lice, so it is important to be vigilant,” Jennifer said. “This is especially true if you traveled to spend time with other families or hosted other families in your home. Lice primarily spread through head-to-head contact, and children get lice more often than adults do because kids spend more time in close contact.”

“Whether you were the visitor or the visited,” Jennifer says, “there are some steps you can take to ensure that you don’t send your child back to school with head lice. We put together this checklist for preventing head lice infestations after the holidays.”

  1. Get a professional lice screening. If there is a chance you or your children were exposed to head lice over the holidays, the best thing you can do for yourself and your peace of mind is get a professional head lice screening. We offer them for just $25, and if you do have head lice and choose to be treated at our clinic, the fee is waived. Head lice can be very difficult to diagnose, and false positives are very common. You do not want to get treated for head lice if you don’t have the bugs!
  1. Use preventative products. People tend to deal with head lice reactively—meaning we freak out when we find head lice in our children and try to get rid of the problem as fast as we can. That’s perfectly normal, but we now have products that can help to prevent head lice in the first place. Shampoos, conditioners, and sprays for hair, and products to treat bedding, clothing, and furniture where lice may have fallen are all available at our clinic and online. Unlike most over-the-counter lice products, all Lice Clinics of America products are pesticide-free.
  1. Keep long hair pulled back into tight buns or braids. The first few days of school are when your children are at the highest risk of getting head lice. Because lice spread through hair-to-hair contact, keeping all loose hair puled back into a bun or braid can prevent exposure. 
  1. Talk to your children about how head lice spread and help them understand behavior that can prevent them from getting head lice such as taking group photos with heads pressed together to fit in the picture or sharing combs and brushes. It’s rare, but head lice can spread when a strand of hair with a louse on it falls onto a coat, scarf, or hat, so sharing clothing with anyone that you know has head lice probably isn’t a good idea. The louse will crawl on to the first human head it can find because it cannot live anywhere but a human scalp.
  1. Don’t panic! If you do find head lice or suspect that your child has head lice, do not panic! Neither you, nor your child did anything wrong. Lice happens to everyone, and we now have the technology to get rid of head lice quickly and safely. Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville is the exclusive provider of lice treatment using the FDA-cleared AirAllé medical device, which is clinically shown to kill live lice and eggs (nits) in a single treatment that takes about an hour. It’s easy and it has successfully treated more than 400,000 cases of head lice worldwide!

Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville is one of more than 350 Lice Clinics of America treatment centers in more than 36 countries. Lice Clinics of America is the largest and fastest growing network of professional head lice treatment centers in the world.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (865) 245-5353. 

For decades, the standard of care for head lice has focused on reactive treatment using pesticide-based products. “Head lice has been associated with poor hygiene or dirty homes and has had mortified parents treating the nuisance in secret, often to no avail,” said Jennifer Fribourg, owner of Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville.

“That’s changing as the medical and educational communities have taken steps to bring head lice out of the darkness of fear and ignorance,” Jennifer Fribourg said. “Now we focus on education, prevention, and pesticide-free solutions when head lice are found.”

Indeed, the internet is full of homespun advice on how to treat head lice, urging parents to use everything from mayonnaise to kerosene to kill the bugs. Home remedies people recommend range from laughable to downright dangerous, and Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville is bringing the latest science and medicine to the forefront of the battle against head lice.

When you visit Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville, you’ll find a bright, clean, kid-friendly environment with a high-tech head lice solution—the FDA-cleared AirAllé medical device. The AirAllé device uses carefully controlled heated air to dehydrate lice and eggs (nits). It’s been clinically shown to kill live lice and 99 percent of eggs on the spot in a single hour-long treatment. 

Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville is one of more than 350 clinics worldwide in 36 countries. Lice Clinics of America is the largest network of professional head lice treatment centers in the world. The AirAllé device has effectively performed more than 400,000 head lice treatments with a success rate better than 99 percent.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that one in five children under 12 years old have head lice,” Jennifer Fribourg said, “and that it has nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene. We can also tell you from experience that head lice don’t discriminate, and that people from all walks of life come to our clinic and leave lice-free.”

“We are also adamant about not using pesticide-based products that don’t work—products that can be worse than the condition they are trying to treat,” <your name> said. “Studies published in medical journals have found that 98 percent of head lice in much of the world are now resistant to the pesticides used in traditional lice products, and these pesticides have been linked to behavioral and developmental problems in children.”

In addition to the AirAllé device, Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville also carries a complete home line of pesticide-free lice-prevention products as well as educational materials for parents and schools. “We’re much more aware of how lice spread, and how to reduce the risk of contracting head lice,” Jennifer Fribourg said. “We work with schools, daycare centers, pediatric practices, and families to prevent head lice infestations, which is the best treatment of all.”

Preventive products include sprays, conditioners, and shampoos that can be used daily or weekly at bath time and act as a lice repellent. All of the products use essential oils and inert gels that contain no harmful chemicals.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, email, or call (865) 245-5353. 


We are appointment only, and only come in when we have scheduled appointments. That means we do not accept walk ins. All scheduling is done over the phone, at (865) 245-5353.

Product Purchases

Product purchases still require an appointment. We include a demonstration of how to comb out hair, so be prepared to be here for at least 15 minutes.

Cancelations and Rescheduling

We require 3 business hours notice of a cancelation or rescheduling. If you cancel or reschedule with less than 3 business hours notice, or if you reschedule more than twice, we will require a $25 credit card deposit over the phone for your next appointment.

How Late is Too Late?

Like most appointments, we may have to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late. If there is an opening after your original appointment time we will treat you, if we have another client, we will not. We will try to reschedule for as soon as possible.

How Early is Too Early?

Because we are by appointment only, if you arrive early the building may be empty. If we have clients, we will be treating them, and are generally unable to start your appointment early. Kingston Pike is nearby and has many shops and restaurants where you can kill time.

Have an Appointment for Each Person You Bring

We stay very busy and generally cannot fit in extra people without separate appointments.

Child Care

We have toys, coloring books, and tablets for children to play with! We also have more than one family in at a time, so sometimes these things will be in use. It’s always a good idea to bring something for a child to do while they wait. Please do not bring more children than you are having checked or treated. If you have several children and are coming in alone, you can bring someone to watch them for you while you are being treated.

In addition, please do not stay past your treatment time to let the children play in our lobby.

If your child is under 16, one adult must remain with them at all times. If there are two adults in your group, you are welcome to have the other one go outside, get food, or leave with the rest of the children, as long as one parent remains on the property.

Head Check

  • We comb until we find lice or evidence of lice.
  • If you do not have lice, or have something other than lice, we cannot do an AirAlle treatment.

30 Day Guarantee

To qualify:

  • Everybody in your household must be checked by us.
    • For split custody families, this means everyone in both houses.
  • Everyone found to have lice must have our Signature AirAlle treatment.
  • Everyone must leave with active rinse.
    • Active Rinse is included with a head check.
  • In the event a family member can’t make it that day, they must use active rinse that day and come in within twenty-four hours.
  • Those who had a Signature AirAlle Treatment are entitled to one $15 recheck within those thirty days.
  • If you are found to have an active head lice infestation within 30 days of the original treatment, we will retreat you for free (including your recheck fee).
  • We regret that we cannot honor guarantees given on false information.

Cosmetic Comb Out

Our Signature AirAlle comes with a cosmetic comb out, but what exactly does that mean? 

A cosmetic comb out is:

  • Cosmetic only! We remove most of the nits for a cleaner look.
  • Our clinicians can usually remove about 90-95% of nits on the head. 
  • This means that if you have more nits in your hair, you will have more nits left. 
  • The remaining nits are dead, and cannot hatch. 
  • Lice lay eggs at the base of the hair, against the scalp. Our combs cannot get underneath some of them. 
  • As the hair grows, these nits will become visible, usually a few weeks post treatment.
  • If you have a large amount of nits, we offer extra combing at a rate of $95 an hour.
  • For our Signature AirAlle Treatment clients, we offer a one recheck for $15 during the first 30 days post treatment.

No Nit School Policies

  • While many schools have moved away from this at the recommendation of the CDC, some still require students to be nit free. 
  • This means that your child will require MORE COMBING than a general treatment offers, or they will be sent home by the nurse. 
  • Comb outs lasting more than 90 minutes are $95 an hour, charged in 15 minute increments. 
  • Let us know if your school has a no-nit policy! 
  • While we do not know every school that has a no-nit policy, we do know that Cumberland and Hamlen counties do.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, CareCredit, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, and cash.

We do not accept checks.


Tips are highly appreciated! HSAs and FSAs cannot tip on the card. Like any other person doing your hair, we enjoy being tipped for our hard work! We also understand that not everybody can afford to do so.

We deal with a lot of head lice in this job. Prevention is our best friend, and we head check each other constantly! Some of our favorite things to prevent lice are :

  • Our giant fluffy hats. Jennifer hand makes most of them so that all our hair is covered when we’re messing with people’s hair!
  • Lint rollers! We lint roll ourselves a LOT. Lice can’t hold to fabric very well, and this way we can be sure we don’t have lice on our clothes when we take our hats off.
  • Tight buns and braids. We keep our hair under the hats, but it’s easiest to prevent little strands from escaping if we have our hair pinned up.
  • Preventive spray! One of my coworkers does a little dance every day as she rains peppermint spray down over herself – and anyone standing nearby! It works though, she stays very lice free.
  • Head checks. We all have our paranoid moments. Usually, one of us will come in saying we itch and need a head check, and get teased about being paranoid during a good comb out. Then the next week, it’s that person’s turn to be scared!
  • Sometimes, we will dimethicone a client and send them home. It is important to us to stay lice free, and after a certain amount of bugs in a person’s hair, we will dimethicone a client and send them home to wash so they can come back lice free, and we can protect our employees. This is rare, but does occasionally happen.

Some of what we do is in our own lives. One of my coworkers came in with lice and thought she got it at work. When we checked her child to make sure he was lice free, he was much worse than mom! We do head checks on our families fairly often, just like we advise our clients to do. Head lice are a very easy thing to miss, unless you’re looking closely. Our college students tend to wear their hair up while on campus, and we all are a little wary of hugging people or sharing anything.

Because so many people have head lice, it is important to be careful where ever you are. As my coworker Sarah says, “Constant vigilance!”

It’s a spooky time of year! For most parents, the threat of head lice is the scariest thing around. School has been back in session for long enough that people are discovering lice, and the holiday season is right around the corner.

Halloween presents it’s own set of issues. How many of you took your kids (or yourself!) out to try on Halloween costumes? Those outfits, hats, and masks get put on many different people every day. When someone with lice pulls a costume over their head, they can knock a louse off their hair and onto the fabric where it lies in wait for the next unsuspecting customer to put it on and find a new home. Trying on masks and hats is the same. We all remember not to share hats until we see the latest Jack Skellington or unicorn bobble head hat at Wal-Mart. I’ve been tempted to put one on for a picture with a friend myself, and I know the dangers well.

There are a few ways to prevent lice this holiday season. One option is to visually check things before you put them on. Hats, wigs, masks (full face and masquerade), and hair accessories can hide a louse who will be more than happy to make your head their new home. As always, keep your hair in tight buns and braids, and use peppermint to discourage lice from picking your head to land on.

When you bring a costume home, try to keep it in a bag for 48 hours. Putting things in the freezer for 8 hours will also kill lice.

Have a happy and (not too terrifying) Halloween!

We have a lot of families in here who find out they have head lice and freeze. Who do they tell? How far back to do they need to go? What if it’s embarrassing and their children lose friends?

The hard truth is that you need to share the information. Most people have head lice from 6-8 weeks before the population builds up enough to become noticeable, so you need to look at least two months back to see who to inform. This isn’t just for their benefit; if you don’t tell anybody, they can’t get checked, and there is a risk that they can give it back to you and you’ll have to do this whole thing over again.

Here is a general list of who you need to contact about having lice:

  • Family. If you saw your sister, or just babysat your nephews, or the kids spent the weekend at their grandparents, all those people have been exposed to lice.
  • Friends. Many of our clients are in school, and their friends’ parents need to know that their children have been exposed to lice. This is even more critical if they have sleepovers, or if they hug or share jackets or hats.
  • Significant others. If you have lice, odds are the person you hang out with a lot has lice, as well. Hugs, cuddles, and bed sharing are great ways to spread lice. For middle or high school students, borrowing a hoodie or jacket from someone you have a crush on is a great way to catch it, even with minimal personal contact.
  • Roommates, dorm mates, sorority sisters, or fraternity brothers. If you share a living space, there’s a great chance you accidentally shared lice.
  • Sports teams. Sometimes Little League teams share helmets. Most girls’ teams require ponytails, which can flip lice through the air from girl to girl during a game or cheerleading or dance routine. In addition, these teams foster tight friendships, so you can often inform their friend circle and their team with a few calls.
  • Child care. Day cares have lice the same way schools do, and so do after school programs. If you have a regular babysitter, nanny, or just a good friend or family member who watches your child, let them know as well.
  • Salons. Sometimes your hairdresser will miss seeing lice in your hair. Because they work so closely with hair, they have special regulations associated with head lice. It is a good policy to let them know if there’s a chance you had lice during your last visit.

The good news is, we can help. If you give us names and numbers, we will call schools, dance groups, coaches, after school programs, day cares, and hair dressers. We do it anonymously, saying only that we had a client come in (in Mrs. Smith’s class, in 9th grade, in the 7pm dance class on Wednesdays) who had lice. They are now lice free, but the client requested we inform the business that head lice were in their location.

The only way to keep our community lice free is if the entire community works together. Some schools cannot inform parents that head lice were found, so your best bet is to tell your friends. Moms have an amazing informal information network. Your school’s PTA can help make sure that people are doing biweekly head checks and keeping their children clear, which will reduce the likelihood of your own children catching it again.

Our Signature AirAlle comes with a cosmetic comb out, but what exactly does that mean? 

A cosmetic comb out is:

  • Cosmetic only! We remove most of the nits for a cleaner look.
  • Our clinicians can usually remove about 90-95% of nits on the head. 
  • This means that if you have more nits, you will have more nits left behind. 
  • The remaining nits are dead, and cannot hatch. 
  • Lice lay eggs at the base of the hair, against the scalp. Our combs cannot get underneath some of them. 
  • As the hair grows, these nits will become visible, usually a few weeks post treatment. 
  • If you have a large amount of nits, or are from a nit-free school district, we offer extra combing at a rate of $95 an hour.
  • For our Signature AirAlle Treatment clients, we offer a one recheck for $15 during the first 30 days post treatment.

October is National Bullying Prevention month, and a recent survey shows that parents can feel bullied, too, especially when it comes to having head lice in the family.

Jennifer Tippens, owner of Lice Clinics of America Knoxville, wants to help take the pressure off parents struggling with the stress and embarrassment of head lice.

“Parents are nervous about head lice because they think they will be shamed,” said Jennifer. “A OnePoll survey of 2,000 U.S. parents—conducted in conjunction with Lice Clinics of America—found that 52 percent of parents feel judged by other moms and dads when their child comes home with head lice.”

“There is a long-held and long-debunked idea that head lice are associated with poor hygiene,” Jennifer said. “The medical world has busted this myth, but the perception persists. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, ‘Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school has nothing to do with getting head lice.

Children get head lice from other children, plain and simple,” Jennifer said. The primary way lice spread is through head-to-head contact. Head-to-head contact with an already infested person is the most common way to get head lice.’”

There’s also some evidence to suggest that head lice are actually a sign of cleanliness. Lisa Lewis, a pediatrician in Fort Worth, Texas, told Readers Digest, “lice don’t adhere easily to oily, greasy, or dirty hair. They love to infest nice, clean, dark, thick hair.” 

One reason that parents dread head lice when lice enter their lives is that the bugs have become very difficult to treat. Traditional lice treatment products, when they work, require weeks of application and hours of tedious nitpicking.

Unfortunately, those traditional products rarely work. Many parents try and fail to treat head lice with those products because head lice have become immune to the chemical pesticides in them. “The most recent study in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that so-called ‘super lice’comprise 98 percent of head lice in most U.S. states.” Jennifer said. “Also, the pesticides used in lice products have been linked to developmental and behavioral problems in children.”

The good news is that Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville can help. The clinic is part of a network of more than 350 lice treatment centers in over 36 countries offering head lice treatment using the FDA-cleared AirAllé® medical device. The AirAllé has been clinically shown to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs (nits) using heated air to dehydrate the lice and eggs.

“Our treatments take about 90 minutes and are guaranteed to be effective,” Jennifer said. “This means you will leave our clinic lice-free.”

“Lice don’t cause or carry diseases, so they are not a health concern—more of a medical nuisance,” Jennifer said. “You can now be done with head lice in about an hour and a half. A simple problem has finally met a simple solution—no more blaming or feeling shame about a mere inconvenience.”

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, email, or call (865) 245-5353.

Cleaning your house is vital to getting head lice out of your life. With so much misinformation on the internet, I wanted to give you a list of what to clean and how to do it, so you can move right on with your lice-free life.

  • Wash all bedding, towels, and clothing used by infested family members in the past 48 hours. Use hot water or high heat settings.
  • Things that can’t be washed can still be put in the dryer for 45 minutes on high.
  • If it can’t go in the dryer, bag it up for 48 hours. Lice need to feed every 3 hours, and will starve to death in 48 hours.
  • Hair things like brushes, combs, hair ties, hair bows, hats, or helmets, can go in the freezer for 8 hours.
  • Vacuum or use a lint roller on everything fabric. Vacuum the floors, lint roll or vacuum the couches/recliners.
  • Remember to vacuum or lint roll your car!
  • Smooth surface things can be wiped down with Clorox wipes.

Lice don’t burrow, so you only need to clean the surface of things. You don’t have to throw anything out.

Don’t use bug sprays or bug bombs. Lice are immune to the pesticides, so it needlessly covers your house in poison without actually killing the lice.

Having lice is stressful. Getting rid of it doesn’t have to be. With these easy tips, you can get your house clean in a few hours, and have your life back faster.

September is Head Lice Prevention month, a good time to call attention to the facts of head lice as children go back to school—typically a peak period for the head-loving bugs. Once children start playing, hugging, and taking selfies with friends, and, if someone in the group has head lice, the bugs will spread. 

“Parents often panic when they get the call from school that their child, or a child in class has head lice,” Jennifer Tippens says. “The first thing we tell them is they didn’t do anything wrong, and neither did their child other than maybe hug or touch hair with someone who has head lice. The true facts about head lice can help diffuse parents fear and stress.”

To help parents be informed and prepared, <your name>, owner of Lice Clinics of America® – Knoxville, reviews the basics of head lice infestations, prevention, and treatment.

  1. Head lice have nothing to do with economic status or the cleanliness of the home. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of School Nurses are very clear on this.
  1. Head Lice don’t represent a health threat. They don’t carry or cause any diseases or illness other than itching. Again, health professionals are very clear on this. Lice are simply a nuisance.
  1. 98% of the time head lice only spread through head-to-head, contact. They cannot jump or fly. They can only live on a human scalp, and they cannot live anywhere else since they dehydrate and quickly become too weak to move. As a matter of fact, head lice do not want to leave the scalp at all; since they feed on human blood up to 6 times per day. That may be disgusting, but it’s true. Lice don’t want to be on your sofa, on stuffed animals or the carpet. The good news is, you don’t need to treat your home with lice-killing products. They are ineffective, pesticide-based and can be toxic. Simply wash any bedding, towels and clothing the child with head lice has had contact with in the last 24 hours.”
  1. Help prevent head lice by educating your child to avoid hair-to-hair and head-to-head contact. You can also prevent lice by keeping her hair pulled back in a braid, tight bun or short ponytail.
  1. Traditional pesticide-based lice products are no longer working! The most recent study, published in the Journal of Medical Entomology in 2016, found that 98 percent of head lice in 48 states are now immune to the pesticides used in traditional lice products. The most popular drugstore products are still pesticide-based.
  1. Most head lice products, even if they still worked to kill lice, do NOT kill the lice eggs (sometimes called nits), and so, the 10-day process requires repeated applications and tedious nitpicking to get all the eggs out. Common reasons for at-home treatment failure is using the popular pesticide-based products or parents missing just a few tiny nits, which hatch, and the lice return.
  1. Traditional lice products often use pesticides, and most parents don’t realize that. Even if those products still worked, would parents really want to douse their child’s head in pesticides when there are safer, faster, more effective alternatives available? Not only are pesticides no longer effective, repeated use has been shown to cause behavioral issues.
  1. At Lice Clinics of America in Knoxville, our professionals quickly and easily get rid of head lice in a single treatment. That’s right, one treatment, one hour and you are lice free, guaranteed. Parents love this ‘one and done’ option and are so relieved to have lice out of their life so quickly!

“People call us all the time after they have tried and failed to treat head lice on their own, says Jennifer, the owner of Lice Clinics of America in Knoxville. “Parents spend so much time and money using products that don’t work. It breaks my heart.”

“Prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin

Knowing the facts can go a long way toward reducing stress and anxiety about head lice.

Lice Clinics of America in Knoxville is the exclusive provider of lice treatment using the FDA-cleared AirAllé® medical device. In clinical trials the AirAllé device has been proven to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs using precision-controlled heated air to dehydrate the lice and eggs in about an hour, and results are guaranteed. It’s fast, non-toxic, and pesticide free. Our professional licensed head lice technicians are friendly and knowledgeable and will relieve all the stress and anxiety head lice may cause you and your family. Lice Clinics of America also offer pesticide-free and effective do-it-yourself lice treatment solutions, along with lice prevention products.

Have a lice-free school year!

It’s football season! Which means it’s also cheerleading and marching band season. I know teenagers in football, marching band, color guard, lacrosse, drumline, and cross country. Sports are great! Anything with a team gives children (and adults!) a sense of family, that tight friend group that welcomes you in and makes you belong.

Unfortunately, having people that close often leads to lice. Shared baseball helmets in Little League, volleyball team sleepovers, the swim team that lends brushes between girls. These are all great ways to share head lice. Even team pictures can have people close enough to share head lice. Once it finds its way onto a team, the only way to be really clear of it is to have everybody be lice free at the same time.

Thats where we come in. We can eradicate lice from your entire team in one weekend, often one day. Between head checks and our Signature AirAlle treatment, we can get the whole team, including coaches, back into practice and winning games without the distraction of an itchy head. Our Preventive Spray helps keep you lice free, and buns and braids instead of pony tails will keep loose hair from a louse’s tiny claws. Overall, our head lice treatment will get you lice free and out the door in time for your next practice, and you won’t miss a single beat.

We know that family bonding day at the head lice clinic isn’t high on anyone’s list of family adventures to go on. It can be complicated to get both parents off work, or all the kids at home at the same time on a weekend. Packing up the baby’s stuff, bringing snacks for toddlers, wondering how long until your third grader goes from “irritating but handling it” to “full on melt down,” it’s all hard. So why do those crazy lice people keep insisting the entire family make the trek to the clinic?

Believe it or not, we’re trying to help. Lice get transferred very easily, and odds are more people than you think have head lice. In fact, in our informal everyday work, we figured that about 80% of moms, 20% of dads, and 50% of siblings have the dreaded little bugs. The risk is higher for whoever has been combing out the kids, the primary caregiver, or if mom or dad like to bed share or snuggle up and read books or have movie nights with the kids. Because less than half of people with lice will itch, you can completely overlook someone with lice and catch it back from someone living in your own house. We are so serious about getting your whole family lice free, if you bring everyone in, we’ll guarantee the service.

Family is important. You want to hug your kids, we want to keep you lice free while you do it. 

There are several reasons a family doesn’t want to get a full treatment, but the one we see most is that a person has one of  our contraindications for Signature AirAlle treatment. Generally, it’s a child under four years old. Our commitment to our community is to get and keep everyone lice free, and we are willing to do whatever to takes to achieve that. We sell our 100% dimethicone and our professional grade Terminator nit combs in our lobby, and we give detailed instructions on how to comb out a head.

Here’s a quick run through for those of you at home. The comb out procedure is the same one that we use here, for both head checks and comb outs.

Basic Instructions

  • Divide hair into four portions and clip to keep it out of the way. Measure the middle part from the forehead above the nose to the middle of the neck, and side to side from ear to ear.
  • Start at the bottom of the head, right above the neck. Take down and comb portions of an inch at a time. Put the hair above it back in the clip so you won’t get it mixed up.
  • This MUST be done every day. Try to go through the entire head. It will take between 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the head.
  • The day you visit is Day 1. Comb through the hair every day for 20 days. On days 1, 10 and 20, use Active Rinse or 100% Dimethicone. This will kill anything that might have hatched from a missed nit. 

Things To Remember!!

  • The comb must touch the scalp. Lice lay eggs as close to the skin as possible, so you have to get as close as you can to the skin to get all the nits. 
  • Comb downwards, through the previous section. This ensures you won’t miss nits at the part line. 
  • When you start the next section, make sure you get the part line. 
  • At the end, go over “hot spots” again (behind the ears, all along the hair line, the center part line). 

Active Rinse (or 100% Dimethicone) needs to cover every hair from root to tip. Make sure you cover the wispy hairs around the face and neck. Active Rinse must be shaken before each use.  100% Dimethicone does not need to be shaken.  Wash out with blue Dawn dish soap.

This weekend marks one year since we opened our doors! Thank you to each and every one of you we have seen. You let us be a part of your family while you are here, and we truly enjoy helping our customers.

Here are some things we’ve done in the last year:

  • seen 605 families
  • checked over 1,000 heads!
  • done 717 Signature or Express treatments
  • employ 5 people from our community
  • checked and treated (for free) families in our community who could not otherwise afford it via our Easter Lice Egg Hunt
  • taught many how to do at-home comb-outs with our products to get lice free

On a personal note, we have made some great friendships here. Our clients notice that these are not just my coworkers, these are my friends. As much as you let us hang out with your family, you are hanging out with mine. This started as a job and became a passion project for all of us, and I am very grateful to have a place like this in my life.

They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Our customers and my fellow employees make it so I get paid to have fun, and I’m glad I get to continue this for another year.

Lice Clinics of America® – Knoxville is excited to announce a new partnership with consumer financing leader CareCredit.

Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville is the exclusive provider of professional lice treatment using the AirAllé® medical device, an FDA-cleared procedure clinically proven to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs in a single treatment. Using precision controlled warm air to dehydrate lice and eggs, the service takes about an hour and is guaranteed to be effective.

“Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for families to get head lice out of their lives,” says Jennifer Tippens of Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville. “This partnership with CareCredit gives us yet another way to make fast, safe and more effective head lice treatment available.”

For more than 30 years, CareCredit has been providing a valuable financing option for treatments and procedures that typically are not covered by insurance, or for times when insurance doesn’t cover the full amount. With 10.5 million users and a network of more than 200,000 providers, CareCredit is a leader in offering financing to consumers for health and personal care procedures, products or services.

“Driven by consumer demand and research, this partnership expands the utility of the card while helping consumers access the treatments they may need in a timely manner, says Greg Pierce, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CareCredit. “Lice Clinics of America is committed to providing their patients with the most advanced treatments available, and we are proud to be their partners.”

This financing option, previously only available to offices with medical doctors on staff, is now available to participating Lice Clinic of America locations.

To use CareCredit, a client simply applies online or with a phone call and receives a decision in moments. With shorter-term promotional financing options of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months no interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more if the client pays in full within the agreed-to promotional period. Lice Clinics of America and CareCredit have partnered together to provide payment options so customers can get the lice treatment they need. Approved cardholders can use their CareCredit card again and again at any Lice Clinics of America location or anywhere else within the CareCredit provider network (subject to credit approval).

Lice Clinics of America is successful in part because head lice have become resistant to pyrethroids, the pesticides used in the most popular over-the-counter lice treatment products. A 2016 study in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that 98 percent of lice in 48 U.S. states had developed resistance to these pesticides. Dubbed “super lice,” these resistant head lice have caused families to struggle in vain for weeks or months to get lice out of their lives, spending considerable time and money in a losing battle using products that are only 25% effective. Because the AirAllé medical device used in our clinic does not rely on pesticides or any chemical to kill head lice and eggs, it is equally effective against all lice, including “super lice.”

“When families are struggling with head lice, they want to deal with it now,” Jennifer said. “We have the fastest, most effective solution that gets rid of head lice and eggs in a single treatment without the use of pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.”

There are more than 300 Lice Clinics of America treatment centers in 34 countries, and the AirAllé medical device has successfully treated more than 650,000 cases of head lice with a success rate greater than 99 percent.

To learn more or to find a clinic visit

To learn more about CareCredit visit

Head lice is typically thought of to be a children’s problem, but did you know 80% of moms catch lice? Our moms are our safe place, and all those cuddles, hugs, bed sharing, and story time on mom’s lap means mom can catch lice pretty easily. Mom is also usually the one doing the hours and hours of combing, which can spread lice (momma, keep your hair under a shower cap when combing out nits!). But what do you do when you’re pregnant? Or if you have a small child with lice? The pesticides in most lice treatments have been linked to some pretty nasty stuff.

Our AirAllé device uses heated air to dehydrate nits without chemicals. That makes it safe for pregnant mothers and children! Our dimethicone rinse kills everything crawling within 10 minutes, and is completely non-toxic. For children too young for our AirAllé, dimethicone and combing is a great option that actually works. We are always willing to answer questions and go over comb out methods! Keeping your family safe is important to us. Our lice treatments can get you lice free without any of the risks associated with OTC or prescription treatments, and no combing at home!

Click here to book now, or here for more information on our procedures.

May 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurse Appreciation Week. To support teachers and school nurses in Knoxville, Lice Clinics of America Knoxville will deliver postcards good for free head lice screenings for teachers and school nurses to provide to families that may be struggling with head lice.

“Teachers and school nurses are often on the front lines of educational, social, and health challenges that families face,” said Jen, owner of Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville. “They’re often the ones that have to bear the uncomfortable news to a family that a child has head lice, which can be very stressful for everyone involved, so we want to make that a little easier.”

Studies have shown that head lice are often misdiagnosed, and a professional head lice screening can be an invaluable first step in confronting the situation. Also, many parents don’t initially want to believe their children have head lice. A professional screening can answer both questions.

“It’s important that families know that it’s actually head lice that are found in children’s hair before undergoing treatment,” Jen said. “Our certified technicians are experts and can quickly determine if dandruff or dry skin have mistakenly been identified as lice—much to the relief of everyone.”

Head lice screenings at Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville usually cost $25, but we’re providing certificates for free screening that teachers and nurses can give to families to eliminate the stress of uncertainty.

If head lice are found, don’t worry. Treatment can usually be performed on the spot using our  AirAllé® medical device, you will  leave the clinic lice-free. The AirAllé is an FDA-cleared Class I medical device clinically proven to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs (nits) in a single treatment that usually takes about an hour. 

Head lice have become more difficult to treat in recent years as lice have developed a resistance to the pesticides used by the most popular over-the-counter lice products. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that 98 percent of lice in most states are now immune to the active ingredients in these products.

“Most of the people that come to our clinic have already tried and failed to get rid of lice with over-the-counter products,” Jen said. “Many have been struggling with head lice for months, and they are so relieved to know that we have a fast, safe, guaranteed solution.”

The AirAllé was developed by researchers at the University of Utah. It works by applying carefully controlled warm air to the scalp and hair to dehydrate lice and eggs. There are no pesticides or chemical used during our treatment process. 

Head lice treatment using the AirAllé medical device is available exclusively at Lice Clinics of America professional lice treatment centers. With more than 300 clinics in 33 countries, Lice Clinics of America is the largest and fastest-growing network of professional lice clinics in the world. Close to 650,000 cases of head lice have been successfully treated using the AirAllé device, with a success rate better than 99 percent

Our clinic also offers home lice treatment and prevention products. For more information visit

There are many old wives tales concerning lice prevention, but we have your best options! We work with lice every day, and have some tips and tricks to avoid catching it yourself.

Wear your hair up! It takes THREE SECONDS for a louse to crawl from someone’s head to yours. This means a hug, picking up a child, selfies, or even standing close to people on public transportation is enough to catch lice. Every loose hair is an opportunity to a louse. Buns and braids will keep your hair tight to your head and prevent flyaways. If you have crazy curly or frizzy hair like me, some gel, mousse, or hairspray will help eliminate those escaping fuzzies.

Pinterest or YouTube are your friends. You can learn to do many simple hairstyles in only a few minutes!

While they don’t have to be this elaborate, any type of tight braid will reduce your chances of getting lice.

Peppermint is your new signature scent. Lice avoid peppermint or menthol, and our Preventive Spray has both! Simply spray this on your hair before you leave the house to encourage lice to find a different place to live. If you like essential oils, put a few drops of peppermint oil into a spray bottle full of water, and shake it. The oil and water will separate so make sure to shake your homemade version every time! Tea Tree Oil has been talked about a lot, but it doesn’t work anymore. Maybe at one time it helped, but now it will only cost an arm and a leg and leave your hair soft for the lice to happily cavort around in.

This spray gets a good workout here at the clinic! We all use tit multiple times a day to help stay lice free in an environment full of lice.

For only $20, you can help keep your family safe!

Hair cuts are important! Everybody thinks they should cut their hair, but you don’t have to go that route. In fact, for women, hair should be at least shoulder length so you can pin it up appropriately. For men, a buzz cut is not enough. Lice can live in an eighth of an inch of hair! If you want to be lice free, you need to shave your head to the scalp and rock that Mr. Clean shiny head bald.

My personal favorite trick is simple: hoodies. I wear carry a jacket with a hood almost everywhere, so when I sit on an unholstered seat, I can flip the hood up to cover my hair. Lice can fall off heads and cling to fabric while they wait for an unsuspecting victim. Movies theaters, classrooms, and airplanes are my most feared seating right now. The hood over my hair gives me peace of mind that I am protecting myself.

I hope this has educated you on lice prevention! If you got itchy reading this, that’s normal. If you think you need a head check, please give us a call or email! We love telling people they’re lice free and sending them back into the sunshine. If you do have lice, we can get you lice free quickly and completely. Our goal is to get and keep our community lice free, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


Lice is a huge problem for every family, but differently abled families have different concerns. Since we opened, we’ve had several new experiences and our staff has made each person comfortable while we got rid of their lice.

For our non-verbal clients, we explain the procedure and book the appointment via text. They are able to communicate with our clinician using texting on their phone without a problem.

Our sensory clients, or those who are non-verbal and too young to text, generally play on a tablet during treatment. We provide Amazon Kindles that are child locked to age appropriate games. Parents, guardians, or siblings are encouraged to stay close by and talk or hold hands with them while we work together to make sure treatment is as fast and comfortable as possible. We take as many breaks as the client needs. If an AirAlle is too much, we transition right into a comb out and teach the parents or guardians how to do it at home, for maximum success.

For infants or toddlers, we generally let a parent or guardian hold them on their lap during a head check or comb out. They feel safe on someone’s lap, and we are able to do our job quickly and completely without anyone having a melt down.

Our parking lot has a handicapped space, and none of our furniture is bolted down. We can adjust our clinic to your needs, ensuring you get the best possible environment.

Our main goal is to get and keep our community here in Tennessee lice free, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to fit the needs of that community. If you have a disability, or any general concerns about you or your loved ones, please call us and let us know.

The Great Lice Egg Hunt – Free Lice Treatment offered to the community of Knoxville!

It’s that time of year again—for lilies, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and, of course, egg hunts. Every spring, parents bring their children to places like Market Square, where kids rush around filling their baskets with delightfully colored eggs and other treats.

But there are some eggs no parent or child in Knoxville wants to find at Easter or any other time of the year—nits, precursors to head lice. When you find these eggs, you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville held its annual Egg Hunt on March 24, 2018, when we provided free head screenings and lice treatments for anyone with an active case of head lice and provided 26 FREE lice treatments!

The Knoxville Egg Hunt began in 2016 to call attention to the fact that some 12 million people contract head lice each year in the United States alone, to debunk the myth that head lice are related to poor hygiene, and to show that safe, effective treatment options are available.

“Every year, people line up at our clinics to get checked and treated for head lice, for free,” said Jennifer Tippens, owner of Lice Clinics of America – Knoxville. “We hold this event as a service to our community to reduce the stigma associated with head lice and to show that there is a revolutionary treatment available that make lice treatment faster, easier, and safer.”

The Knoxville clinic is the area’s exclusive provider of treatment using the AirAllé, an FDA-cleared Class I medical device, clinically proven to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs using warm air to dehydrate lice and nits. No pesticides are used, and the entire treatment process takes about an hour.

Head lice have become tougher to treat in recent decades as they have become immune to pyrethroids, the pesticide used in the most popular over-the-counter lice products. The most recent study found that 98 percent of lice in most U.S. states are resistant to pyrethroids. Pyrethroids have also been linked to behavioral and developmental problems in children, including poor attention and early puberty in boys.

“We want everyone to know that there is no need to use dangerous pesticides on your children,” <clinic owner name> said. “Science and medicine have made safer alternatives available to families.”

The Knoxville clinic also offers a line of home treatment products that prevent and kill head lice without toxic chemicals or The home treatment products are used over a 10-day period to eradicate lice.

Developed by scientists at the University of Utah, the AirAllé has treated nationally more than 650,000 cases of head lice with a success rate of better than 99 percent. With more than 300 clinics in more than 30 countries, Lice Clinics of America is the largest network of professional lice treatment centers in the world.

They are two of the most common questions among frustrated parents; why don’t schools send lice letters home, and why are students with lice allowed in school?  While some school districts in East Tennessee continue to send students home, as well as notify other parents, when lice infestations are discovered within the classroom, many area districts have changed their policies when it comes to head lice.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), students diagnosed with live head lice do not need to be sent home early from school, and both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) advocate that “no-nit” policies should be discontinued.  When a child gets head lice, parent frustration is understandable; dealing with head lice can be overwhelming.  But there are numerous reasons why no-nit policies and letters home ultimately make no difference when it comes to preventing head lice infestations.

In order to identify head lice infestations in school, all students would need to be screened on a regular basis, and most, if not all, schools simply do not have the staff or resources to dedicate to frequent screenings.  Routine screenings would be necessary because not all students with lice infestations are symptomatic.  1 in 20 children have head lice at any given time, and of those children only 40% experience the tell-tale itch, which is an allergic reaction to the saliva from head lice.  So while the school may identify some children with lice, it’s likely there are others in school with active infestations who show no obvious symptoms.

Early on in an infestation lice and eggs are often missed, especially when only a visual screening is conducted.  A female louse lays approximately 3-5 eggs per day, and eggs take another 7-10 days before hatching, so an infestation may not be obvious one week, but much easier to spot the following week.

Even if schools send letters home encouraging parents to check their children for head lice, many parents do not know what to look for or how to identify head lice.  Debris, dandruff, and hair product are often mistaken for lice eggs.  Actual viable lice eggs, which are grayish-brown and close to the scalp, are often missed upon visual inspection, and are difficult to see in darker hair.  Parents may miss lice infestations on their own child, and send them back into the school setting untreated.

Lice egg on hair shaft

So what are parents to do?  A parents best defense against head lice is to conduct routine screenings at home, because lice letter or not, there are always children in school with head lice.  Effective screenings require just a few simple tools.  Parents are encouraged to invest in a good lice comb, like the Terminator Comb carried by Lice Clinics of America-Knoxville.  Parents should comb the hair behind the ears, at the nape of the neck, and at the crown. Start at the scalp and comb to the ends of the hair shaft looking for small grayish-brown eggs, or live lice.  For parents who want to be absolutely sure, Lice Clinics of America provides screenings and instruction.  Lice doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and routine at-home screenings are one of a parent’s best defense against the continued spread of head lice. We also suggest wearing hair in buns or braids to give lice fewer chances to cross over, and avoiding selfies or sharing brushes, hats, and coats, as all can spread lice. Our Preventive Spray encourages lice to find another head to land on, and it is a good addition to your morning routine.


We get a lot of people asking about their pets and head lice. Don’t worry, your pet cannot get head lice! Head lice are a completely human problem. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses, or any other member of the animal kingdom: none of them can catch lice. Your fur babies are safe 🙂

Lice only live on humans, they aren’t found anywhere in the world except on people’s heads. That’s part of why it is always “lice season.” Those tiny monsters are passed from person to person around your community forever. Head lice have certain requirements to survive, which include a human food source, as well as a certain temperature and humidity to hatch eggs and support the newly hatched lice. Your pet can’t provide these things, so lice won’t live there. Thank goodness! Can you imagine brushing a sheepdog with a nit comb?

Once your family has been professionally treated and your laundry is done, you are all done! You can go ahead and love on your dog or cat as much as you want, and know that you can’t catch lice from your pet.

We’ve only been open for five months, but let me give you some great numbers about us. So far we have:

  • 169 days of operation
  • 589 head checks
  • 314 Signature AirAlle clients went home lice-free!
  • Many more helped by comb-outs, express treatments, and products and information

I am personally most proud of the families. Not just the numbers, but the actual people we have saved from head lice. We have seen:

  • Foster children
  • Special needs children
  • College students
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Nursery workers
  • Adoptive families
  • Blended families
  • Multigenerational families
  • Three children and one entirely grown man threatened to get lice on purpose to come back
  • Hugs from grateful children
  • Colored many pictures while Mom and Dad were treated
  • I am a master at several childrens’ games on our tablets now

We all love our jobs here, and we love the opportunity to help you and your family. Our biggest goal is to get you lice free, and we will do anything we can to help you get (and stay!) that way. We are so lucky to have this chance to make our community a better place!

Thank you all for letting us into your lives for a short time. We are so glad you came here.

Happy New Year!

Jennifer, Carissa, and Jamie

We get a lot of people on Facebook asking about lice treatments, and there is a lot of misinformation on the internet! Here are some myths I’ve seen lately:

  • Listerene – doesn’t help. You’ll smell minty fresh, but it dries out your scalp and won’t kill many hatched lice.
  • Mayonnaise – while this a great hair moisturizing treatment, it won’t kill anything.
  • Olive/coconut oil – you’ll have shiny hair, but it doesn’t kill anything.
  • Saran Wrap over any of the above – keeping Saran Wrap over mayo or oil overnight is uncomfortable and can ruin your sheets, but won’t kill anything on your head.
  • Rid/Nix/prescriptions – include harmful pesticides and only kill unevolved lice (not “super lice”).
  • Kerosene – this one is the most dangerous. Not only will this not kill lice, but it can easily set on fire and cause permanent damage or death to you and your loved ones.

The only real way to get rid of lice without our FDA cleared nit killer is to comb out every single nit. This can take hours of work every day for weeks. Between work, kids in school, extra curricular activities, and the inability to properly comb out your own head, this means a simple lice problem can last for months and interfere with every aspect of your life.

Our FDA cleared AirAlle device kills 99.2% of nits in about 30 minutes, leaving you free to live your lice-free life. Feel free to check out other sections of our site to learn more! We are also on Facebook, Instagram, and answer emails and phone calls within 24 hours. We are committed to getting and keeping our community lice free.

We’ve been open for two months now, and business is booming! Over one hundred AirAllé treatments have been performed, and several hundred head checks as well. Head lice are out in full force in Knoxville! A few highlights are:

  • The family who showed me pictures of their pet fox.
  • The family on vacation who brought in everyone in the cabin. We had three generations of people in our office and helped nine people that Saturday.
  • Two different families evacuating from Irma who can go home lice free.
  •  The eight year old who said she wanted lice again because she loves the treatment so much.
  • Several families who had been struggling with lice for years and walked out free from lice.

It is truly an honor to be able to help so many people and their families. When people walk in, they’re in crisis. We can fix that. The relief on peoples’ faces when they realize the problem is over is worth so much to all of us who work here.

We look forward to meeting and treating your family! Come on in, let us make your day better.


We are just so excited to be open and able to help!  Check out our new clinic!  The lobby is comfortable, we offer wi-fi and refreshments, and we have things for kids to do while they wait for treatment.  Treatments can feel like a long time to sit still for a child, so we have kid-friendly tablets, books, coloring, and fidget spinners to make the time pass quickly.  Before you know it, everybody is lice free!

If you are dealing with head lice, know that you don’t have to go it alone.  We are here to help.  One treatment, One time, One hour… and Done!

Child with shampoo suds in hair and on face

As I’ve been getting ready to open, I’ve been striking up conversations all over town — about Lice!  More than just a couple of folks I’ve talked with lately have shared a family recipe including the use of kerosene as a major ingredient in a home lice remedy.  This is a very, very bad idea.

Please do not use kerosene on yourself or on your children!

  • Kerosene is extremely toxic to lung tissue.
  • Kerosene damages mucous membranes on contact.  Delicate eyes and mouths are located on precious heads — a drip of kerosene can cause lasting, permanent damage.
  • Kerosene can cause chemical burns on skin.  It causes “defatting” of the skin, and painful irritation.
  • A spark could cause a horrendous accident leading to severe burns or death.

Here is a link to a short and very informative article on kerosene poisoning: Kerosene Poisoning – NY Times Health Guide

There are better, more effective and safer ways to get rid of head lice.  Lice Clinics of America has non-toxic, effective solutions.  We can do a thorough head check to see if you need any treatment at all (because sometimes it isn’t lice).  We have solutions starting at $25 for a do it yourself, active-rinse home treatment, on up to $185 for our signature 3-step AirAlle’ treatment that takes care of it all, very safely, in a single 60-90 minute sitting — once and done!

We are close by in Knoxville.  We plan to open on July 15th.

We are getting close to opening!  Our original opening date was targeted for August 1st, but things have gone so swimmingly that we plan on seeing patients starting July 15th!

Our new clinic is cute.  It’s ‘pinch its cheeks’ kind of cute.  It’s in Bearden, in a cute little brick house that was converted into an office.  It’s on a street with other cute little houses that have been turned into other cute little offices.  More importantly, it is practical for our use.

Things I love about our location:

  • There is ample parking to the side and rear of the building.
  • Parking is not overtly noticeable from the street.
  • The property is wheelchair accessible.
  • The rooms are filled with light from the windows.
  • It is in a central location, with everything you could need nearby.
  • This place has character!  Rounded plaster ceilings, built in nooks, a fireplace, doorway arches…  It looks like a storybook house.
  • The flow is great and clients will be comfortable during their visit.


  • We refinished the original hardwood floors and they are easy to clean and beautiful too.
  • We painted the walls bright white and now the rooms are even more filled with light.
  • The electricity has been upgraded to allow for the safe use of the AirAlle’ medical devices.
  • The waiting area chairs arrived and have been put together.  Both adult sized and kiddie sized.
  • We have our new telephone numbers, and they work!
  • Our email address, is live – try it, say hello, and I’ll email you back!
  • Our website is live (you are here)!
  • The AirAlle’ devices are here, tested and ready!
  • Misc. other furniture is here and ready to be installed.
  • Lots of supplies are on order or already here.
  • Business licenses, all that tax stuff, etc, all done!

Still to do:

  • Signs!
  • Internet is being installed on Friday, the 30th.
  • I have a lot of the furniture still in my personal garage and I need to move it over to the shop.
  • There is still more furniture to purchase.
  • Inventory and display shelves to be set up.
  • The salon treatment chairs are selected, but not here yet.
  • A lot of supplies are ordered but not here yet.
  • Need to purchase tablets for client entertainment.
  • Need to set up office equipment – Mac, printer, CC machine, etc.
  • Need to set up all the business software.
  • Need to decorate!

And that’s where we are so far.

I am so excited to be getting closer to serving Knoxville and the surrounding areas (you know who you are)!  Here’s a shout out to Oak Ridge, Pigeon Forge, Newport, Sweetwater, Ft Louden, Lenoir City, Clinton, Gatlinburg, Claxton, Harriman, Maryville, Alcoa, Seymour, Solway – in no particular order!!

Loving life and can’t wait to serve our community and help families.

Sincerely, Jen

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